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Ferals #17

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Language: English | Year: 2013 | Pictures: 41 | Format: CBR or CBZ | Size: 53.7 Mb.

DAVID Lapham reveals the full threat of Ferals in this incredible voprosu.Nechestivye Dr. Cherry thought he controls everything. But no one can control the wolf , and now eight soldiers were infected with blood. Ferals war is coming, and no one can stop him. But the thrust in the middle of the conflict , Dale Chesnutt is very Feral pedigree against fathers and are desperately trying to stop the inevitable conflict . Do not miss out on the violent drama unfolding on the pages of Ferals!

Available with a Regular, Wraparound, Gore , and special Slashed incentive cover series artist Gabriel Andrade .


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Ferals #17 Ferals #17 Ferals #17 Ferals #17 Ferals #17

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